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The National Movement of Catholic Students (NMCS), Zimbabwe has added its voice to calls for the Zimbabwean government to eschew ”treating every dissenting voice as an enemy.”
In a statement released on Monday, August 17, 2020, the NMCS describes as “regrettable” the government’s refusal to accept a pastoral letter issued by the Zimbabwean Catholic Bishops Conference (ZCBC) “as a reminder to establish common good and instead rushed to dismiss it and question the integrity of the Bishops”
The statement also urge young people to “shun, fight, report and speak out against corruption” in every space they find themselves and “actively engage in formal and informal dialogue processes meant to resolve the Zimbabwean crisis.”
The NMCS further bemoaned the deteriorating state of affairs in the Southern African country. “It is two years after the last election and things are actually worse: a collapsing economy, a more polarized community, unemployment, a crippled health care system.”
The Zimbabwean government has been criticized recently by various bodies for human rights abuses, economic collapse and failure to punish corruption. Notable among these bodies is the Zimbabwean Catholic Bishops Conference (ZCBC).
The NMCS published the statement to express support for the pastoral issued by the ZCBC and read in all Catholic parishes on Sunday. According to the NMCS, the letter the Bishops “speaks to the issues which (they) have been grappling with as well as our aspirations and yearnings. NMCS feels emboldened that our shepherds have sought to remind us that they are with us in this difficult time.”

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