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The Public Health Initiative-Ghana has released a statement showing appreciation to Government for the easing of restrictions. They however warned that Government agencies responsible must ensure strict adherence to the protocols in order not to risk the life of Ghanaians.

Read the full Press Release below:

8th June, 2020

Public Health Initiative-Ghana would like to express our appreciation to Government, the Ministry of Health and its Agencies and all organizations that have contributed their quota in the fight against Covid-19 in Ghana. We however wish to state emphatically that the fight is not yet over and so we must not be complacent and be off our guard. As at yesterday the 7th of June, 2020, Ghana’s total confirmed cases has increased to 9,638, with 3,636 recoveries and 44 deaths. Our Active cases remain 5,958. Our numbers are not going down yet we are in a hurry to resume full social lives.

With the partial ease of some restrictions to allow for some social gathering with limited numbers in the country amidst the appreciable level of increase in Covid-19 cases in Ghana, Public Health Initiative-Ghana wish to warn Government and the General Public that Ghana’s Covid-19 cases may rise exponentially since we consider the ease of some restrictions as premature. We strongly think the focus of Government should rather be on how to intensify public education on the virus, provision of adequate PPEs for front liners and enforcement of protocols instead of being in haste to resume social lives and easing restrictions.

We wish to caution religious bodies not to be in a rush to utilize the ease of restrictions because of the associated high risk factors and the inadequate preparedness to handle any eventualities. Religious bodies should put the lives of the congregation first. They should ensure to follow the necessary protocols before opening their churches and mosques. There is the public outcry of the numerical limitation and the one hour given for religious activities. We don’t think God will be angry with us if we don’t even go to church or mosque now. We strongly think that Government and other relevant stakeholders should organize Covid-19 simulation training for Covid-19 Response Teams to be established by the various churches and mosques. This will help them deal adequately with Covid-19 emergencies and suspected cases.

“Policy without enforcement is empty and void”. To this end, enforcement of regulations or guidelines accompanying the ease of restrictions must be carried out in their strictest terms. If we ever politicize this and fail in this, Ghana will record astronomical increase in Covid-19 cases that may overwhelm our health structures and bring national emergencies which we are not prepared for.
We wish to state that Government should put the lives of Ghanaians first and not any other political activity. Any political activity or national activity which would put the lives of Ghanaians into risk must therefore be suspended.

We further want to warn that Ghana may go into a state of emergency should government and all who matter fail to heed to these and other warnings. We should remember our fragile healthcare system may not be able to support huge numbers of Covid-19 cases and so should not put the system to the test.

Eric Kwasi Elliason, FAISM
Founding Director
Public Health Initiative –Ghana 0208441037/0541286161/0246496388/0544559201

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