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Kwasi Miezah Elliason

Dear friends, permit me to share with you something that troubles my mind. I feel very disgusting and unease about political blame games in our country and especially the name calling – incompetent president, useless president or that or that. I dont know whether you are comfortable with them but I see these as failures of a generation and this may continue into future generations. Gradually our youth have taken up this game and they waste all their time insulting this political leader or the other, especially the former president and the current president. Is that a sign of a healthy and decent nation? I find it very offensive. I dont know how you see it but I seriously think decent as we are, we must rise above these political attacks and insults. We need to be civil in the way we address political issues in this country. Our approach to politics is sickening.

The woes of this nation are attributable to all of us as Ghanaians. We created the mess by our selfish and individual inclinations and destructive tendencies. We therefore need a new way of thinking to solve the problems of this nation. We cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.

Let’s remember no single government can solve our problems for us. It may interest you to know that most of our political leaders might have not finished solving the problems in their homes let alone coming to solve those of the nation. They have agenda for being in politics. Being in politics may be their career choice. That’s just an aside.

To solve the woes of this country, we first have to put Ghana first and not NPP or NDC or CPP or PPP or AAA or VVV first. The ideals of patriotism supports ‘country first’s before any political tendency. We should by now realize all the party noise has not helped our country in any way. All I am calling for is a United front as Ghanaians to help rebuild our country. Can’t we see that in the name of politics we are forced to lie against one another? can’t we see that in the name of politics we are made to deny truth and replace it with falsehood? Can’t we see that in tha name of politics we are made to replace reason with emotions?
What Ghana needs from us is to stand together as one people and rebuild our nation.

I call on the youth not to allow themselves to be used by politicians to defend their selfish interest. You can surely see how most of our youth have been turned into political zoombies by politicians, defending what is not there. You are the future of the country and if this is how you are going to handle this country in the next 10 years then our future is bleak. My dear youth, ‘be renewed by the renewal of your minds”. Let our education instil in us some sense of criticality. Interrogate issues and dont just swallow whatever you see or hear.

And to those in government, let me thank you for the efforts in helping to rebuild this nation. Just remember that if you do clean politics and stand for the truth no matter your political divide, you will be the happiest person even in death. Put Ghana first and stand for the truth no matter where it is coming from. This country suffers from lies and untruth. Let truth be truth and lies be lies. Dont defend lies. Stand for what is true and tell people the truth.

Put Ghana First, Ghana needs you, Ghana loves you. Dont be fooled and blinded by party politics. Rise above that and let your human dignity be felt. Dont be used. Utilize your rationality.

The views/contents in this article are sole responsibility of the author(s) and not necessarily the views of  catholic informer  is therefore not liable or responsible for any inaccuracies contained in this article.

  1. Jossy Bozoma Tanoe says

    I really like this piece.
    It’s time we put a stop to it.
    God bless you Father
    God bless our Homeland Ghana 🙏🇬🇭

  2. Augustine Ofori-Prah says

    Bare truth!
    Many thanks for sharing, Rev Dr.

  3. Paul Kwaw says

    I love this piece ! It is indeed sickening to see young ones insulting the aged in the name of politics ! Sir ! Well-done ! Keep writing and I wouldn’t stop reading !Thank you .

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