HOMILY: 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

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22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

1st Reading: Jeremiah 20:7-9
2nd Reading: Romans 12:1-2
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 63
Gospel: Matthew 16:21-27

Theme: When God Breaks Your Heart


Is your heart broken? Have you suffered a loss? Has someone you love disappointed you? Suffering is an inescapable factor in life. The injustice of sudden illness or death, the pain of loss and the anger at unwanted change all bring us suffering. We often turn to God in our brokenness but what happens when God Himself breaks our hearts?

Explanation of the Text

In our first reading taking from the Prophet Jeremiah, we hear the Prophet accusing God of swindling him. This is because he initially objected to the call but in Jer 1: 8, God assured him that “I am with you” . Yet it seems God had abandoned him and allowed him to suffer persecutions from the hands of his own people. The prophet’s heart is broken by God and this is made manifest in his lamentations.

Beloved it’s a paradox: God knows suffering and death will break our hearts- but He also knows our hearts need to be “broken” in order to save our souls. There’s one thing that the prophet said which worths reflecting that even in his suffering and thinking of abandonment by God there’s still some inner yearning for this very God.

In our Gospel reading Jesus predicts His impending suffering that will culminate in His death and resurrection. But Peter representing the mindset of humanity about suffering, forbade Jesus in talking of His suffering. The point is simple and understandable. Every sufferer looks longingly to Christ for solution and so if Christ Himself is going to suffer then who is safe? (Remember in Mtt.14:30 when Peter was drowning he called out Jesus to save him).

Jesus rebuked Peter for being a stumbling block in His way because the only way He can reclaim His glory is by mounting the wood of the cross. Jesus was in fact telling them “no pain, no gain”. Without suffering there will be no glory. Beloved our suffering in this life only makes sense when it is linked to the suffering of Christ. You will always find comfort during difficulty times, be inspired to ask for the impossible and discover a God whose heart breaks with yours.

Remember nothing last forever not even our sufferings ( 2Cor 4:17)..

  1. Benedict Duku Baidoo says

    Powerful Homily.

    Keep it up.

    Would like to use this opportunity to thank the director of the communication team Fr. Emmanuel Quesi Dolphyne for the good work.

  2. Teresa Ramsey says

    On reading this Sunday’s gospels and the reflection on it. I have looked back on an important time in my life when l was betrayed by someone l grew closer to because he had a huge burden to bear. I vowed to give him a break in life by helping him financially. Emotionally he was a broken man with a disabled daughter. After all my effort he betrayed me with lies and deceit. When God revealed this person’s true character , l was devasted.
    But then God revealed to me in broad day light that He too was betrayed and showed me through an image formed in the clouds Our Lord wearing a crown of thorns looking down on me. I was shaken by this image but then a few seconds later l saw a smiling comforting image of Our blessed Mother next to Him smiling down at me. Both images also disappeared within a few seconds.
    I was astonished about what l saw and could not believe that The Lord will come to me and respond to my suffering in such a personal way. After all l am a sinner, not pure at heart as l have always thought these are the people that deserve such always close encounter with Him.
    Since this revelation l have thought about the images l saw everyday of my life and can only associate my encounter with the love God has for me. I know l am on the right path to pleasing Him with my life choices. Now that l am retired and have more time on my hands l spend most of my free time reading and learning more about my faith and finding ways to do little things to please our Lord so l can make him happy and not disappoint Him.

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