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The Global Old Saints Executives, namely the leadership of the Old Students Association of St. John’s School, on 22nd August, 2020 held a handing over ceremony to initiate the New Old Saints Global Executives into office for a two year mandate.

We share with you the full text of the speech delivered by the New Global Old Saints President , Old Saint Joseph Honny as he takes over from Old Saint Dr. Benyah.

Magna Experimentum

Good morning, Old Saints!

It’s an honour to come before you today to talk about something of vital importance to our association. I call it the “The Great Experiment.”
But before I go any further, we need to acknowledge the past leaders and executives of this association who collectively laid the foundational blocks to ensure the current strength of our association. We really appreciate your grit and sacrifices, and honour your efforts and contributions.
“The Great Experiment” is my administration’s blueprint on how we can work together to move our association to the next level of excellence. I describe it as “an experiment,” not because it is a sign of inexperience nor a risky exercise in incompetency. Rather, we conceptualize it as a pragmatic approach to govern the association. On one level, it’s a brave new journey we are about to embark on as an organization. On another level, it implies a willingness to admit our mistakes and correct our course whenever we veer off target. Finally, “The Great Experiment” also means we hold ourselves accountable to all Old Saints, regardless of status or creed. In short, this administration is committed to serving with humility, diligence, accountability, and love.
We will start giving you our detailed plan in 4 weeks’ time. Nevertheless, let me take this opportunity to give you some high-level objectives we will be working on:

  1. We will spearhead constitutional changes to guarantee that all Old Saints have a voice and no one is disenfranchised. #All OLD SAINTS MATTER.
  2. Most members have the perception that the old students’ association is “only” about seeking donations to fix St John’s School. We will work to change this perception. We are going to build an association that not only helps our alma mater, but also seeks to make sure that its members ACTUALLY benefit from the association through networking opportunities, while also recognizing the relevance of participating in the business of running this association.
  3. We are going to build a culture of inclusiveness and collaborative teamwork to govern this association. I believe consensus building is the best way to achieve a more cohesive and inclusive association. Under my administration, we are going to create TEAMS of dedicated and motived individuals to run the association.
  4. We will work with the school administration, chapters and year groups to put together a comprehensive list of projects, prioritize them, and make it public so that association members can have access to projects and priorities on the St John’s campus as well as the association’s goals.
  5. This association will publish financial reports in January and June of every year. We will also create an independent auditing team from day one to make sure that every member is totally comfortable with how their dues and donations are being used and also ensure they are disbursed for the intended purposes.
  6. The association needs more than just financial contributions to keep it going. It needs expert knowledge, and human resources to keep it running smoothly. We are going to transform the association in such a way that every member has the opportunity to contribute to the association, whether you are a professional or a student. Contributors will be duly recognized and acknowledged appropriately
  7. We are going to organize the first Old Saints Global Conference in Ghana next year (depending on the Covid-19 situation).
  8. We are going to work with the PTA to reward high performing teachers and also support teacher training programs.
  9. We are going to work with the school administration to maintain the status of St John’s as a category A school, as well as boost the image of the school to attract good students and athletes. Debating, NMSQ, soccer, basketball, athletics, and other competitions will be a priority for this administration since they greatly contribute to this end.
  10. We will embark on the business of carefully sculpting leaders, entrepreneurs, business men, and fathers in the association through mentorship programs.

I am confident that with the right leadership and team in place, the Old Saints Association will continue to mature and grow to be an association that not only supports St John’s school, but is also relevant to its members. A wise person has said: “If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” I want to remind you that it’s not by accident that our school’s motto involves the metaphor of a journey, the task of “preparing the way.” In the pursuit of our laudable goals, we need to go far and quickly.
This requires exemplary preparations and this administration is committed to doing just that! We are the pacesetters!

Viam Parantes!

Joseph Honny
(Global Chairman )

The New Old Saints Global Executives for the next two years are:

Joseph Honny – Global Chairman

Lawrence Joseph Ashun- Deputy Chairman

Courage Ahiagbe – Treasure

Vincent Semapley- Organizing Secretary

Josiah Eshun- Secretary

Alex Darku- Officer

Jeffrey Abeiku Sam- Officer


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