Easter Vigil Mass, Year B by Fr. I. A. Mensah

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Easter Vigil Mass, Year B by Fr. I. A. Mensah

Genesis 1:1-2:2/Gen 22:1-18/Exodus 14:15-15:1/Isaiah 54:5-14/Isaiah 55:1-11/Baruch 3:9-15, 32-4:4/Ezekiel 36:16-28/Romans 6:3-11/Mark 16:1-7

Theme: *Friends Beyond The Tomb And The Message of The Resurrection*


A couple of weeks ago we started what looked like a hopeless, unending and sorrowful journey. But this night we have come to a joyful end of that journey. A journey that began sorrowfully has ended joyfully. The gloomy cloud has eventually given way to the bright sky, and light has eventually overcome darkness. The thickness and darkness of the night could not withstand the brightness of the risen Christ. This is essentially what we proclaim in the exsultet.

Explanation of the text

All the readings of today have been carefully selected to tell the progressive story of our salvation history; how God single handedly picked an individual and through him entered a covenant with a nation and lastly sealing it with the blood of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to incorporate the entire nations in this covenant.

The news of the resurrection was first given by the women and interestingly all the Gospel writers corroborate this basic fact though with some few differences in the narration. To night our attention is turned to the women who came to the tomb to bind him up in ointment and give him a decent burial and suddenly they found that he was alive.

I have been pondering over this text for quite a time with so many questions lingering on my mind. What was their motivation in going to the tomb even when they knew that a bigger stone had been placed on the tomb with two guards watching over it, because they kept asking themselves, ” who will roll the stone for us”?

These were the same women who followed Jesus while he was alive and ministered unto him as can be seen in Mk. 15:40-41. They were with Jesus at the beginning of his ministry in Galilee and also stood a distance far of when He was hanging on the cross. They unlike their male counterparts stood firm by Jesus and therefore are seen as faithful disciples. They never abandoned their friend and saviour Jesus. The kind of friendship they had with Jesus never ended in the grave or tomb.

For these women then, friendship is timeless. They never believed in the saying “out of sight , out of the mind”. They went to the grave early in the morning because they still cherished the fond memories of their friend Jesus and they were rewarded with the news of the resurrection. Where will our friendship with each other end? For some it will end when we cannot see ourselves again but true friendship never dies. Indeed a friend is someone who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden.

Sometimes fear and doubt can cripple us when we are faced with the stuck realities of life. The women were alarmed nay became frightened when they saw the empty tomb. But the man they saw at the tomb reassured them to take heart and go proclaim the message of the resurrection. We are not to live in fear. Let us go out there to proclaim the good news of the resurrection with our lifestyle. Let us remember that we are the Easter people and Alleluia is our song.

Christ is risen!!!



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