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Most Rev John Baptist Attakruh  celebrated the Rite of Dedication for a new church building during Mass at St. Theresa’s Parish in Wasa Jappa on Saturday, October 2.


Delivery the homily Bishop Attakruh reminded the congregation that what they have gathered here to celebrate ” the dedication of the church building is more than a blessing” .


He explained that dedication is the making a firm disposition of once mind to entrust something to God for a specific purpose. “This building has been the toil of many individuals some of whom have gone before us. This is the work of our hands. I thank all who have contributed towards this edifice” .
We here to dedicate this building to the Lord as a special place where we gather to listen to the Gospel and to receive the sacraments, and to make intercessions for ourselves and the world. Today, the altar will be sanctified which will become the symbol of Jesus in our midst.

Bishop Attakruh said that the dedication of a church is one of the most significant celebrations of the church which calls for joy because God has come into our midst.

This church building would therefore be a symbol of God which radiates God’s holiness for the people of Japa and its environs. This would be a testimony for many that indeed the God is living with his people.

Making reference to the readings for this day, He elaborated on the meaning of the  occasion.

” Just like the Israelites who returned from the exile through God’s mercy to build their city, Jerusalem and their temple, in order to live in freedom and peace, so has our God done for us this day. The church building would be a place to listen to God’s word with joy like the people of Israel who responded Amen Amen to God’s word which was read to them by Ezra. When God’s word is read and preached to us in this building, it will not be the priest or Deacon but Christ himself speaking to us”, He said.

Bishop Attakruh told the congregation that all activities to be carried out in this Church building will be different from other beautiful edifice of ours.

The Holy water at entrance of the church building signifies that this place is a special place, a place sanctified. When we gather here we all change, there is no difference among us, we all become God’s children due the sacramental baptism we have received. If then, we all children of God, we all siblings. In the presence of God we are all equal, no distinction between the poor or the rich, or strong or the weak.

This oneness, he said, is echoed by St. Paul in his first letter to Corinthians in the second reading that we are the temple of God. Indeed this edifice is made with  cemented blocks and other physical materials but the real church of God are we the individual members. Therefore as the temple of God, the spirit of God dwells and works within us.

We come to God and tell him that we dedicate ourselves to him and to his service, to the  service of the church and to the service of mankind. We are the  spiritual building/temple of God and it is our life that the Lord seeks.

Bishop Attakruh thanked all those whose contributions ensure the completion of the Church building especially all the past priests together with the laity remembering in a profound way those who have died.


Present at the celebration were Hon.Nicholas Amankwah, Member of Parliament for Wasa Amenfi East Constituency, Dr.Tony Aubynn, Board Chairman Amenfiman Rural Bank, Nana Bukuro of Wasa Saa who Chaired the occasion ,Tɛtrɛtɛ Okuamoah Sakyim ,the Paramount chief of Wasa Amenfi Traditional Council was represented by Nana Anim Kwaw (Wasa Ankaasie hene), Tufohene of Wasa Amenfi Traditional Council and Nana Affulteng II Mpatasie Hemang Hene, the Dwantoahene of Wasa Amenfi Traditional Council.The caretaker of Wasa Japa Traditiona Area,Nana Kwame Frimpong,Nana Akua Afraso, the queen mother of Japa who is also wassa Amenfi Traditional Council Adonten Hene’s queen mother and other chiefs and elders .

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